Thursday, May 31, 2012

week three

This week, my third week interning, started out atrociously hot. But we got so much done.

Transplanted salad mix, scallions, sweet potatoes, squash, lettuce. Moved basil from the green house to spaces around the tomatoes. Transported a tower of cages across the field on the back of a truck. Tied up peas. Took down peas. Started the Pick-Your-Own garden.  Ran the wheel hole down aisles of beans. Found and killed Colorado Potato beetles (nasty little things). Mulched. Caged tomatoes. Weeded.

And my zeal is only growing. I feel that I'm now really getting into the rhythm of things. I'm certainly  more comfortable with all the tools we're using (not quite ready for the rototiller yet, but we're getting there) and the kinds of weeds and where to step v. where not to step. My pasty pale white skin is showing signs of darkening.

This past school semester left me rather worn out. Now, I am feeling so much more alive.

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