Wednesday, June 6, 2012

harvesting the first share

This morning, Wednesday morning, I was at the farm earlier than I'd ever yet been. It was harvest morning. The morning of the first CSA share.

I found Devin in the fields with a helper from down the road. They'd already gotten the bok choy and I joined them in gathering the kale. As we worked, someone commented about how good it felt to get up so early and harvest real, nourishing food for people. I agree.

We also picked more sugar snap peas, lettuce and arugula. Then we headed down to the wash station and cleaned everything up. The heads of lettuce were soaked in chilly water, the peas too. The arugula was washed and then spun in the massive salad spinners (the red blob in the background of the above photo). It was bagged and boxed, then taken down to the spring house. Through the afternoon and next couple days the CSA members can come an pick up their boxes. There were also plenty of garlic scapes for the taking.

I came home with a share of my own and I'm excited to show you was it's comprised of, plus what we cook with it. But that will have to wait. The day has rather done me in.

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