Thursday, June 14, 2012

packing the shares

Wednesday was the day of the second share. It included: lettuce, chard, spring garlic, basil, beets, celery, and sugar snap peas.

The process of packing the boxes for the CSA members starts early in the morning. Devin and a helper from down the road, Bryce, were already harvesting when I arrived. They had three crates of lettuce which Jean (the owner of the farm) and I soaked and cleaned.

This is the washing station. It's somewhat strange and makeshift but it does the trick.

We picked the peas, harvested the basil and garlic and returned to the wash station. Leafy things like lettuce and basil are soaked in cold water before they're packed. Peas are rinsed and run through the salad spinner. Beets are hosed off and bunched.

As we go, we snack. Yesterday we ate sugar snaps peas while we picked and later Devin wrapped slices of tomato in a pieces of lettuce with a leaves of basil.

When there is minimal dirt left on everything, it's all carefully put into the boxes, which are then transfered to the spring house. CSA members arrive throughout the day and following days to pick up their share. Each arrival is marked by Ruby's high pitched yap.

I enjoy harvest days. I like seeing everything come together. 

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