Thursday, July 5, 2012

the great garlic harvest

Today was the day of the great garlic harvest. And even early, even in the shade, it was a hot, humid morning.

There were two fields, nine workers and many steps to the process. We started off loosening the soil around the deep buried bulbs, then later started pulling them out and stacking them in the truck. In batches they were taken down to a make-shift table behind the barn. They had to be trimmed (on both ends, stalk and roots), cleaned slightly, and sorted - by size and by quality (perfect, seconds, and damaged). Then Jean put them out on drying racks in the barn, where they'll remain for a few months.

I brought along my younger brother, Ben - not sure what he would think of it. It's hard work, I told him. And you will be dirty when all is said and done. But in the morning he was ready to go before I was and he worked hard, never complaining. I think he enjoyed himself too, though he tells me he never wants to see another garlic bulb as long as he lives. 

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