Saturday, August 25, 2012


Tomorrow I head back to university. Back to classrooms and note-taking and studying and professors and peers and so forth. And I'm thrilled. (Really, I am.)

But I'm not sure what it means for this little blog.

I started blogging so I could keep track, publicly, of my internship at Side by Side Farm. A journal - that's always how I thought of it. Something like an internet commonplace book. Now my internship is over but it has filled me with new ideas, new things I want to delve into. This blog has provided me with an outlet - one that I'm not sure I want to lose.

Because (and this came into my head on my last day at the farm, when I went to pick some zinnias and sunflowers for the spring house) I think that what I did at Side by Side this summer will have some influence on the path I take in terms of what I do for a living. The work I did there felt authentic - probably, I think, because I could see the affects it had on all parties involved and, accordingly, the goal was to the best for every party (the land, the goods, the farmer, the CSA members, the community, the future owners of the land...). If I'm going to devote the larger portion of my days and weeks, the sweat of my brow, the consumption of my energy, and years of my life to something - be it an organization, a goal, a project, a career - I want to be aware of every platform and person it impacts.

That's the direction I'm moving in.

At university last semester, I changed my major from English to Anthropology and added two minors: English (I simply couldn't part with it completely) and History. Along with my parents, friend and his mom, I'm working on getting permaculture design certified. My aspirations of having a garden are becoming more and more tangible - I may find myself with my own spot of ground much sooner than I'd thought possible.

So I think there is a good chance I will continue blogging here. The form and frequency of posts may change a little but I'd still like to consider this my journal.

And thank you to all of you who have given me such nice feedback - I really do appreciate it.

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