Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This has never happened before: I am excited for winter.

Yesterday morning it snowed. Really, it rained and it snowed. But as I walked back to my dorm room after my 8am history class, proper snowflakes were coming down. By noon, a little had collected on the grassy areas, like powdered sugar on a coffee cake. And I was thrilled.

I am excited by the greyness of the sky and the air. I am excited by the cold wind.

Maybe I was more aware this year of the bounty and the burden of summer (because of my internship at the farm), and now because of that I am more grateful for the quietude and beautiful bareness of winter.

I recently read this quote by Andrew Wyeth and paid little attention to it. Then, when the weather turned colder, it came rushing back into my mind:

This morning I cut a couple of paper snowflakes. Perhaps I'll make some classic paper chain decorations this weekend. I'm already dreaming of the scarfs and hats and sweaters (maybe) I will knit (maybe because first I have to learn to knit). I'm excited to start listening to this record again; it sounds like winter to me. And I've started a pinboard collection, here, of wintery things. 

Come winter. I think this year you and I will get along.

painting by corey paker

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