Friday, January 4, 2013

on beauty and benefit

If I have a new year's resolution it is vague. Something like: I want live in a way that is more in line with what I believe. Regardless of how cliche that is, it's the notion I've had roaming around in my head for weeks. 

One part of it is what I consume. Meaning, not just want goes into my mouth but also what goes into my closest and drawers. Lately I've become more concerned about this things I buy, specifically my clothes and personal affects. Through a friend of mine, I found out about this book, and although I knew that certain things about the Western world's clothes economy were harmful to the rest of globe Safia Minney's exposé opened my eyes further.

The bangles above were a Christmas gift from my mother. They were made in Nepal by women who are rebuilding their lives. They're only jewelry - pretty, shiny bracelets that I love to wear because they jingle on my wrist - but they helped women worlds away. Why can't every part of my attire do that? Or how about clothing made of organically grow cotton, processed and packaged in a way that doesn't leave a scar, or a growing infection, on the planet? These aren't question I normally ask myself when shopping. Cost, color, and cut come first; egocentric concerns come first. They are my clothes, but as I was told when I was a child: "You are not the center of the universe." 

With all of this in mind, I put together an imaginary outfit composed of items that are environmentally and socially friendly. And beautiful too. The dress and leggings above are from Patagonia and Horny Toad, both of whom present themselves as being aware of their practicesThe bangles and scarf are fair trade and made in India. The striped flats come from soleRebels in Ethiopia, the only WFTO Fair Trade Certified shoe company.

This planet and the people on it matter to be immensely. I think the way I act and the way I dress should be a reflection of that. And so this is the beginning of a series of posts on wearables that are as good as they look. 

dress from patagonia/leggings from peopletree/scarf from block shop/bracelets from lydali//flats from solerebels


  1. I can't wait to see the other brands you find on this venture. Last year I focused on minimizing my consumption--this year, like you, I'm making sure everything I do consume is ethical.


  2. I've been thinking along very similar lines .. I know I'll continue to gain inspiration from you over the year! x

  3. What a delightful and thoughtful post Ema. So thrilled that our bangles were a part of it. I look forward to exploring your blog further and reading about your adventures in integrity and authenticity. Warm hugs from warm Australia and cold Nepal, Wendy M