Thursday, May 24, 2012

first harvest

Wednesday morning I arrived at the farm early. It was my first time being involved with a harvest. We picked peas, carrots, kale, beet greens, radishes, cilantro, and spinach for a something-or-other (quesadillas, I think) Joel, the owner of Juliana's in the Village, will be concocting at his restaurant.

And at 7:30 in the morning that was excellent light.

Right where I was standing while taking the photo above is the wash station. For the greens, we dunked them in cold water and then, depending what type they were, took them for a spin in the largest salad spinner I've ever seen. Everything else was washed off, bunched up or put into bags. They were delivered to Joel later that morning.

Lunch was just as plentiful. It consisted of some of what we'd harvested - carrots, beet greens, cilantro all sauteed together in sun dried tomato oil. Then Devin cracked a few eggs into it (eggs from the resident chickens, of course), spread some goat cheese (from Charlottetown Farm) on warmed tortillas, spooned some of the egg/veggie scramble on it, folded it up, and viola! Devin said that is why he got into farming - the food. Such good food.

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