Wednesday, May 23, 2012

starting seeds and planting ginger

For the second Tuesday in a row it was grey. No more rain, but everything was still moist. Devin and I started out by weeding a spinach bed, then we moved inside to the greenhouse attached to the house and began starting seeds. After giving me instructions, he left me on my own and went to prepare the other greenhouse with the rototiller.

I started melons, squash, lettuce, onions and quinoa. Above are the onion seeds. Below are the quinoa seeds. Beautiful, aren't they? 

And these were my companions in the greenhouse. Newly hatched.

Once the seeds were in and put "under the lights" in the basement, Devin and I planted the ginger. The roots had been waiting for months, in bins under the house. 

We planted them in the "downstairs" (lower field) greenhouse - each root hand placed about 6 inches apart in a deep trench and then cover them up. They'll be ready for harvesting in October. 

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