Sunday, July 1, 2012

summer at last

Hello! Here is a something for you - wallpaper for your desktop - to celebrate summer being here at last. Click on it to make it larger and to download.

Though I've been off of school since the beginning of May, it really is just now starting to feel like summer to me. Maybe it was our trip to Canada that did it (I'll tell you all about that tomorrow). So this is what summer is like in my mind:

Tastes like: orange mint tea, steamed crabs, peaches, fish chowder, bread from here.

Sounds like: children playing outside at night, people on our porch, distant music from the carnival, thunderstorms, cicadas.

Feels like: wading in the cold ocean, going bare foot, long car rides.

Smells like: citronella, campfires, sea air, sunscreen.

Looks like: a bed of zinnias, the coast, sunshine on water, lightening bugs. 

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