Sunday, July 22, 2012


I apologize for the lack of posts recently, but there's good reason for it: my family and I are in Maine for a week.

We've been coming here since I was six or seven and now "Maine" is nearly like a magic word for me. Say it and I perk up, every memory I have flooding back. I really am in love with this place; the land, the people, the culture.

On the way up, we stayed in Portland for a day (all these years and I'd never been!). We shopped at Corey & Co. (where my mom has jewelry for sale), ate at the Porthole Restaurant, had ice cream at Mount Desert Island, and my brothers + dad went to see the Portland Pudgy boat builders.

Portland is a city but not an overwhelming one. The architecture is old brick and stone, some of the streets are cobbled. There are quirky eateries and shops. I saw heirloom tomatoes planted in buckets and set out on street corner fors passer-byers to tend and pick from, prayer flags randomly draped between lampposts and buildings, buskers playing folk music.

And now I want to go back.


  1. Maine is one of my favorite places in the world! My husband and I want to move to Portland/Cape Elizabeth area someday soon. Beautiful photos, as always!

  2. That sounds like quite an adventure. I wish you luck!
    And thank you.