Tuesday, July 17, 2012

more about birds, and what we did today

Over the weekend there were six new additions to the farm; six khaki campbell ducks. For now they are being kept in their house, so that they acclimatize and realize that it is their safe place. Eventually though they'll be free range.

And there's a reason for all these types of feathered creatures; Devin explained it to me today. Each kind of bird can assist the farmer in a different way: chickens scratch the ground, ducks eat slugs but do not bother the plants, and I believe guineas eat pests too. (The turkeys, however, are for eating.) Devin says keeping fowl and vegetable cultivation are an excellent pair.

Today we picked carrots for the shares, watered the fall beets, mulched the peppers, and took down the greenhouse tomato vines. Then, we went for a farm tour...

We went to Spoutwood Farm, about twenty minutes away. Devin is friends with the head farmer there, Brett, and he showed us around his spot of good ground. He and Devin discussed their respective farms; what has worked, what hasn't, what plans they have, what they'd like to tweak. It's great to hear their enthusiasm; it is their livelihood and their passion.

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