Thursday, August 16, 2012

what do you think about CSAs?

This is what Devin asked me one morning, a few days ago. So Ema, what do you think about CSAs? I had no good answer at the time. I was, I suppose, too concerned with soaking the basil or sorting the peppers or something of that sort. My thoughts were running in another direction. So let me have a go at it again.

I embarked on this internship because I wanted to know more about where food comes from - the people who grow it, how it comes out of the earth, the way at least part of the system works (both the natural system and man-made food system), the effort it takes to make it reach my plate. It wasn't and isn't my intention to be a farmer (but I'm open to the possibility). Involvement and knowledge were what I was after.

My naive enthusiasm for agriculture, CSAs, farmer's markets, alternative methods of sustenance procurement of various sorts hasn't waned - it's grown. I want to expand on what I've been introduced to over this summer, become more active in this way of living. Eventually, when I have my own pantry and refrigerator to fill, I'd like to have a garden, buy more from farmer's markets and local purveyors, and be a member of a CSA. Why? These, I've figured, are my main reasons: the health of my own person and the people I feed, a healthy perspective and interaction with the natural world, and knowing the supporting farmers. Investing in a CSA share seems to be one of the main ways to achieve all of these desires. It's work on both ends - producing and receiving - because when you have a share you have to be willing to invent and fail and experiment.

What about you? What are your thoughts on CSAs?

And if you want to know about CSAs, I suggest to get your hands on a copy of this book. 

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