Wednesday, August 15, 2012

second to the last

I'm nearing the end of my internship at Side by Side Farm. 

Today is the second to last time I'll be involved in the process of packing the CSA shares. Devin is away (as I type he is driving towards Maine, lucky fellow!), so it was just Jean and myself. I weighed out brown bags of potatoes while she let the chickens out. Then we filled the shares with peppers, eggplants, basil, garlic, and lettuce. On the table inside the spring house there were extra hot peppers, celery, and heirloom tomatoes for the members to select. 

I checked on the seedlings Devin and I started last week. Most of them (the New Red Fire Lettuce did not go so well) have germinated nicely.

Exactly three months ago, on my first morning at the farm, Devin and I planted ginger in the lower hoop house. This is what it looked like today: 

After the shares were all filled they had to be taken down to the spring house. Today we had to organize them: some with peppers inside, some with eggplants. The tomatoes too were sorted: small - medium and large ones. There was goat cheese, eggs and honey set out for sale. I wrote up the chalkboard sign that sits outside the door, a task I do enjoy. While Jean picked flowers to beautify the spring house a bit (and added a touch of lavender oil to the water), I harvested more hot peppers. 

Before I left for the day, Jean ripped out some tall stalks of ragweed that had grown up around the spring house and dragged them to a spot outside of the barn, for the donkeys to munch on. Now allergin troubles have been averted and the equines have a treat.

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